Global Conquest

June 24th & 25th, 2017

Join us in this New & Unique 2-Day Scenario Game which pits Good VS: Evil in a War for World Domination!

Monster Game

July 22nd & 23rd, 2017

This is Best 2-Day Big Game in Paintball History! Join Players from all over the World in this Epic Event!

Tippmann World Challenge

Sept. 23rd & 24th, 2017

GI Sportz Guns Take On All the other Guns in the World.  This is the Biggest Rivalry Game in the Industry!


GI Sportz  is now the largest manufacture of paintball Guns,  Paintballs, Gear & Accessories in the World! They feature the best paintball markers, and paintball gear with industry leading customer service Hell Survivors is proud to have GI Sportz  as this year's Title Sponsor of the 'Trilogy of Paintball'. GI Sportz is a 1-Stop Shop for All your Retail Paintball Needs!  

Tippmann Sports

Tippmann is the paintball leader in providing the best paintball guns, paintball markers, and paintball gear with industry leading customer service Hell Survivors is proud to have Tippmann as this year's Presenting Sponsor of the 'Trilogy of Paintball'.  Hell Survivors has been partnered with Tippmann since 1986 when the full-auto SMG-60 was featured in the Hell Survivor's rental line up.  Hell Survivors rents full-auto X7 Phenoms and semi-auto FT-12s and FT-50s (New low-impact 50-cal).    

Empire Paintball

Empire Paintball is a  worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of paintball sporting goods. Dedicated to quality, craftsmanship, and customer service, Empire Paintball embodies the sport of Paintball. Hell Survivors is pleaed that GI SPORTZ has aquired Empire Paintball and continues to be this year's Title Sponsor of the 'Trilogy of Paintball'. Hell Survivors features the most expensive, top of the line paintballs ever produced as their exclusive field paintballs. We feature Top-of-the-Line FIREBALL and GI Sportz Custom Brands of paintballs at the best prices in the industry.  

Join Hell Survivors

JOIN HELL SURVIVORS THIS YEAR! Show off all your great products to thousands of paintballers from around the Globe! The paintball players that attend these World-Class Events expect to see and purchase the latest in paintball gear and technology! Don't disappoint them by not being there for them. This is also a perfect time to let you customers now exactly what type of service and support that they get from a company like yours. This can make or break a customer's decision on which brand to buy, based on the support level that you represent at these major events. This is a great opportunity for your company to shine!

Exotic Sportz

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